All 3 in the Series Are $.99 Each

I’ve made all thee E-book versions $.99 each, permanently. I’ve done so that readers may enjoy my unique vision of what good vampires are like and hopefully garner comments for all my three of my Paranormal-Romance novels!

Book #1: is “Immortal Relations” and has what I call “explicit togetherness” (sex). The reason I wrote the series is that I found a photograph that proved something my own mother said when I was just a young child (the actual photograph is on page two of the first book). My father was assigned in Europe immediately after WW-II. There he met and had a tryst with a lovely young lady. Of course in the story it is my hero, Gary Logan who discovers HIS father had the tryst. He flies to that city in hopes of finding out what really happened. There he meets a lovely young lady who knows far more about his father than seems possible. Thus begins the story. One reader said after reading the book, “I’ve found my ‘holy grail’ of vampire novels…” Will it be one of your own favorites? I’d love for you to read and  then leave a comment!

Book #2 is “Immortal Relations, Love and War” and while it still has a good deal of sex, there is  less than in book #1. A short conversation  covers major points of the first book so it won’t leave anyone wondering if they start with book #2. This book has a war between Communist China and the Russian Federation which the guardian vampires must address in order to prevent a nuclear holocaust. There are also ecological threats dealt with in the book.

Book #3 is “Immortal Relations Coming Out” in which our guardian vampires discuss the pros and cons of coming out to humans. Should they explain to humans that vampires are more than a scary story, myth or fable? Telling them that like humans, there are good vampires as well as evil ones and showing humans all the guardians have done to safeguard human existence. This is still considered an adult story but it is more for the political intrigue and attempted assassinations than for the limited amount of sex in the story.

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