Thanks to All Who Follow and Read My Posts – Here is Some Family Info!

I’m in Houston, TX for the next week or so house sitting my daughter’s place and taking care of the two dogs (one active Pitbull – very funny dog) and what I think is a Black Lab Mix (more self-controlled – female of course)! I wish I could bottle all the rain they are getting down here and take it back to drought ridden West Texas when I leave! I’ve spent some of today over at the Indoor Shooting Range where my daughter teaches her classes on safe handgun carry in order to obtain the state license for concealed carry. Like most big cities, Houston has it’s crminals and ladies need to be able to protect themselves. Like the saying goes, “When criminals attack the police are a little too far away.” In addition to her job, she just got accepted into a Full-Time Nursing Program based on her academic achievements over the last two years. She also works out doing Cross-Fit (sort of like paying for Marine Corp Basic Training)! She and her friend are off on a week-long vacation on a tiny British Island in the Bahamas (Eluthera I think is the name – very few tourists go there so it is the kind of place they like…she had been there once before). I AM VERY PROUD OF TRACY and MY SON DOUG…HE IS A GREAT FATHER TO HIS KIDS (His family Live in the DFW Metro Area)!


4 thoughts on “Thanks to All Who Follow and Read My Posts – Here is Some Family Info!

    • Thanks Jacquie! I’m down in Houston caring for the dogs of my daughter and her friend while they’re in Aluthera (a non-touristy British island near Florida). Like most kids, my son and daughter have struggled but turned out to be great adults!

    • I take it you are NOT on the “plain” (since that is mainly where it is supposed to rain)? LOL (just had to say that – WISH I could transfer some of what is falling in Houston your direction)!

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