My “Immortal Relations” Series Will Be FREE on Kindle in the Next Weeks

“Immortal Relations” first in the series, is FREE 26-30 July

“Immortal Relations, Love and War” book #2 FREE 27-31 July

“Immortal Relations Coming Out” book #3 FREE 6-10 August

The first book has a good deal of “explicit togetherness” so is for MATURE ADULTS, the second book has some sex as well but to a lesser degree (I’d say it is PG-17). Book #2 would be a good starting point for those who don’t like explicitness in their reading as it has a conversation that provides main points of the first book without nearly as much sex and the second book provides the background needed for the third book. While I would call the third book more like PG-13 it will send Democrats into a rage, so again Mature Adults Only. (-;