FREE Kindle Copy of “Immortal Relations” and $.99 Sale of “Immortal Relations, Love and War”

My 2nd book in the series, “Immortal Relations, Love and War” will be on $.99 sale 28 April – 4 May, 2014 and my 1st book in the series, “Immortal Relations” WILL BE FREE on 1-5 May, 2014 this is your chance to get two of my three books in the “Immortal Relations” series. The 3rd “Immortal Relations Coming Out” is available now for $2.99 and is a political thriller as well as an action novel as my guardian vampires monitor the destruction of America by the Marxists in Washington D.C. (While a stand alone, you will understand more if you read the second book before reading the third). The first book is definitely for mature adults only, while I would rate the second at somewhere between PG-13 and PG-17 and the third more toward the lower end of that scale (but the 3rd is definitely not for those who love the current regime in Washington D.C.)!